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  • How To Fix Canon B200 Error?

    Sometimes, the user faces Canon B200 error because of the faulty printheads, if the ink cartridges are not inserted properly, or if the paper stuck in the Printhead. To fix the issue, you should read the method to fix Canon B200 error. For help, visit to canon.com/ijsetup.

  • Method to Fix Canon B200 Error:

    Reset Your Printer:

    Sometimes, if the print head is not placed in the proper position, then this issue occurs. To fix this issue, you should reset your printer. For this, you should disconnect all the cables and just wait for 30 minutes. Here, you should attach the power cable into the printer port and also to the wall outlet. At last, power on the printer and then reset to its proper position.

    Remove the Obstacles Found:

    If obstacles are found in your printer, then it will be incapable to connect with the printhead. Hence, you should turn off your printer and then open the top cover of printer. After this, you should open the top cover and then take out all the cartridges and just lift up the printhead. At this point, you should gently take out the printhead. Now, you should check the inner areas of the printhead properly. If you find any paper in it, then just remove it to fix the issue.

    Clean the Printhead:

    It is recommended you should clean the printhead to fix the issue. For this, you should lift up the printhead from the printer and dip a lint-free cloth into the hot water. By using this cloth, you should remove the old ink which present on the printhead. After this, you should put the printhead into the container in order to clean the nozzles. Then, take out the printhead from the container and just place it on a clean paper towel. Now, you have to soak the printhead for 10 minutes. At last, you should reinstall the printhead and then try to print.

    Replace Old Ink Cartridges with New One:


    If your cartridges are not working, then also this error will appear on your screen. It is advised you should remove the damaged cartridges for error-free printing. After this, you should take a new cartridge for your Canon printer model. It is recommended that your printer is compatible with your cartridge. At last, you should insert the ink cartridge in the printer.

    Re-install Printer Driver:

    Sometimes, the issue occurs because of the installed printer driver. Hence, you should reinstall the software just by going to the official website of Canon via canon.com/ijsetup.